VuMax Remote is a cloud / web-based version of VuMax that runs in a browser. It is a quick and efficient way to visualize operations outside of the office environment.


Integrates with the VuMax Database.
Analysis real time and historical data.
Allows visualization of individual and multiple wells at the same time.
Allows user defined documents or composite plots.
Ability to visualize data in numerical readouts, vertical tracks and bit animation, etc.
Plots any channel from time or depth logs.
All user defined plots are saved to a library for future reuse.
Document designer provides ability to compile the analytics in a single display.


Processed data from the VuMax DB is used for analytics.
Data is stored on either a DB residing in the customer’s office or one that is cloud based.
Provides engineers with ‘up to the minute’ high level analytics of the drilling operation.
Easy access to the analytics, assists in making timely decisions to improve efficiency.
The digital readouts provide instantaneous values of vital drilling parameters.
The flexible visualization functions make it easy to compare/correlate data from different wells.