Bivius is an easy-to-use tool for analyzing formation pressure/depth data from pressure test equipment at the well site. The application has a wide range of functions that provide quick, but informative, analytics. Bivius is an effective, alternative to using a spreadsheet.


Models single or multiple deviated and vertical wells.
System can model any combination of depth tracks, including MD, TVD, TVDSS, TVDSL, etc.
Imports survey data and automatically calculates TVD’s.
Stores all the data, analytics, and reports in the Bivius DB (optional).
User can design and create templates for specific fields and/or areas of operation.
Automated and manual line creation and gradient calculations.
Data filters for removing or ‘shutting off’ unwanted data points.
Imports and displays pressure, temperature, mud logs and lithology, etc.
Creates mobility diagrams with color coded data points based on mobility values.
Color codes the data points to show formation fluid types.
Imports and displays reference curves (i.e. resistivity, gamma, etc.) for QC’ing the data points.
Lithology diagrams and formation markers for the test sections.
Display the ‘pressure build-up’ graph for each data point (from MDT or RCI type tools)
Multi-View tool for combining multiple charts within one document.
Wells can be viewed and selected from an interactive ESRI type map (linked to the Bivius DB).


Simple interface that allows manual data input or bulk data import from multiple sources including Excel, ASCII, etc.
Fully automated auditing system that records all the data changes.
High quality ‘management ready’ graphical output.
Custom charts and functions for plotting deep water wells.
Automated custom charts for calculating and plotting excess pressure.
Custom charts for calculating and plotting Pseudo and True Potential information.
Powerful SQL DB that stores all the raw data, Bivius documents, individual gradient lines and reference curves.

Important Notice for Existing Bivius Users

The new Bivius 4 version is now available. All our existing Bivius users can upgrade to the new version at no cost! Please Contact US for further information.