The VuRoc formation evaluation tool has the ability to visualize and analyze image log data and dip marker calculations. The image log data can be analyzed with real time dip calculations to better geosteer the well.


Integrates with VuMax DB.
Multiple wells drilled by different rigs can be analyzed at the same time.
Customizable vertical plots for depth and trajectory channels.
Ability to add multiple depth tracks.
Displays resistivity and density image log data, etc.
Displays user defined numerical readouts.
Displays real time bit animation from the real-time computed rig states.
Automatically detects the bed dip, creates dip markers and performs dip calculations.
Provides flexibility to view and modify the trajectory data used in dip calculations.


User friendly interface with list of the active and completed wells displayed in a navigation tree.
Simultaneously visualizes and analyzes multiple wells.
Complete user control to precisely customize the vertical tracks and numerical readouts.
Curve filling function allows user to easily identify the lithology and/or fluid types.
Minimal manual intervention to obtain realtime dip calculations.
A quick ‘click’ function to adjust the dip calculation parameters.
Real-time communication and group discussion through a ‘chat’ system helps to improve critical decision-making.
Ability to display formation tops as a guidance to geosteer the well.