The VuCom system streams live or historical well completion data, which is then used to visualize, monitor, and optimize the completion operations. Envisaging the operations in real-time, allows an engineer to make ‘on the fly decisions’ to improve overall operational performance and economics.


VuCom stores all completion data and information in the VuCom DB.
VuCom collects completion data from variety of sources including WITSML and flat files, etc.
Multi-well completion monitoring.
Multiple built in plots including Nolte-Smith, Horner, and Square Root time, etc. for mini-frac analysis.
User defined documents allows the user to create customized plots, which are stored in the libraries for reuse.
Automatic event tagging allows proper identification of completion activities.
Reports performance evaluation of completion activities, chemical usage and materials handling, etc.
Evaluation of the different KPIs for various activities.


Data monitoring controls ensure best quality data standards where possible.
Real time performance monitoring and optimization reduces operational cost.
Increased visibility of operations with advanced visualizations.
Allows quick identification of the fracture progression geometry.
Efficient remote or onsite monitoring and control of activities.
Leverage of in-house expertise to support field operations.
Field centric, low visibility completion operations are effectively monitored with VuCom.
Overall operational costs can be determined in real time or post operation.